IP Checkups is a boutique patent analytics firm that offers custom patent portfolio and technology analysis to companies, investors, research institutions and universities.

IP Checkups combines custom intellectual asset management and patent search services with powerful web-based software solutions enabling companies to identify, analyze, manage, monitor and update patent information relevant to their technology and markets.

IP Checkups provides customers with competitive patent landscape analysis along with its proprietary patent management and monitoring software, PatentCAMâ„¢, that enables companies to build strategic, defensible and valuable patent portfolios that are aligned with their business objectives.

Our collaborative process relies on our expert patent searchers and analysts partnering with your domain experts to answer important questions such as:

  • Who are the key organizations filing patents in your technology space and what are they working on?
  • How rapidly is new innovation taking place in your space?
  • Where are the opportunities for strategic growth, investment or licensing within your field?
  • Where are the new and emerging technologies being developed in your space?
  • Which patents are the most valuable in your area?